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WELCOME to the Pet Shoppe!

Before you continue on, if you're considering joining us, please read the contents of this box first as well as the links that are provided for you.

Account Authentication : Adopt-Specific/New Accounts must be Authenticated before accepted as Members.
I do apologize if this process bothers anyone but it is a step that we have found to be necessary for many reasons. The main that I'll share, is a way to help us cut down on thieves being successful at selling stolen adopts.
:points: CLICK HERE!! :points:
Rules: Rules, Regs, and Important Group Information!
Something every shoppe has, but for good reason. To help your submissions pet licenses go smoother, please make sure you read the blog before trying to add your critter to our gallery Kennels.
:points: CLICK HERE!! :points:
Piece Denied? : Do NOT ask on the homepage!
To ask why your critter was denied or to get tips/critique, please submit the following form with links in a group note. Profile comments for this will be hidden.

Please remember to keep your submission tickets open until they are either approved or rejected. You will need the link to your log if you want proper critique. This is to help us know exactly which one you are asking about. We see so many it is hard to remember them all.
Helpful Links : Other Miscellaneous Info
Visiting that blog you will be able to gain access to seeing information that may not be as important as the above but still something you should take time to read please.
:points: CLICK HERE!! :points:
Feature Lists : Want to be added?!?!
Then please visit THIS blog which explains how you can get your chance. Remember, posting on the homepage will result in consequences, so it is best to go to the blog and follow what it says. ;-}

Homepage Decor : Click HERE for Credits!
Please do not steal or use the resources you see here unless it is clearly written as freely shared. Thank you.

** Please respect the admins' and keep all group related questions/concerns or comments to the group and not reaching out directly to note them. **



Coming Soon~

Under Construction!



Affiliation is Always OPEN! :meow:
:bulletorange: Please use discretion when sending requests as we reserve the right to accept/reject as we see fit.
:bulletorange: Adoptable groups must have a specific focus to be accepted.
:bulletred: Groups' who's founder is an adopt-specific account will not be accepted.

What We Don't and Do Accept!

We :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: Accept!

* Anthro/Furry Characters
* Animals ; Horses, Deer, Dragons & Cats etc.
* Original Species Yours or those with open permission to create.

We :bulletred: DON'T :bulletred: Accept!

* Humans
* Copyrighted Styles ; Pokemon, MLP & Lion King etc.

Gallery Folders

Homepage Comments!

What we :bulletgreen: DO :bulletgreen: encourage!

* Can seek aid on finding a particular pet you might be wanting. Ex; 'Anyone have any horses for sale?'
* Kinds words about the group.
* Members can post up to 3 links a day of adopts that are still for sale.

What is :bulletred: NOT :bulletred: encouraged!

* Spamming
* Advertising not group related. Ex; commissions, other groups etc.
* Begging for points, llamas, other services etc.
* Comments are NOT wanted at all from accounts that are made specifically for selling/advertising services and-or badges.
* Posting about denied tickets. :note: the group for this.


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DragonPud Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm actually interested in this group. I've tried over a dozen 'adopt groups', even a specialized one that has higher quality work from artists and have had ZERO luck in selling adopts unless it was free-ninety-free. I'd really like to start gaining points more than 10 every few months. Its ridiculous.

I've asked various people about how I could improve my chances of adopts getting bought, and so far all I've gotten is 'brighter colors' and 'post them in as many groups as possible.' I'm not sure if that's the answer or not.

Anyone have Suggestions? I do have group specific adopts, but plenty more that can be used outside my group world.

Drache-Lehre Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
When it comes to adopts, it takes more than the fact of it being an OS or different species to get interest. It helps to still have some design to it other than just one color or taking a pattern from a real animal. It helps to not be afraid and let the idea and markings soar. ^^ Folks like simple, not too hard to re-create but still enough to have some original flare to it (more than just tail and paw tips) and then others like more complex.

But affiliating with groups can also help. ^^ My own OS group is well.. not lively but that is only my fault. There isn't much there to make folks want to join and since they can still see new ones from other adopt groups I submit too, there isn't much perk. Not yet of course. ;) It takes patience and putting in some effort. ^^

Not sure if my tips help or not but I hope so. xD
DragonPud Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmm... I usually do have a pattern on the creatures, and some are complex, but I feel I tend to make simplistic patterns, both fictional and from real animals.
Drache-Lehre Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Then maybe try to do a bit more as to not be so simple "safe" and see where that leads you? Also color palettes can make ALL the difference. In my experience, pink is the plague. >.>
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